The Sudbury Maker Fest is a family-friendly celebration of community makers, artists, and groups who do awesome things in the spirit of DIY and who wanprintt to share their achievements with others. The term “Maker” was originally popularized by MakerMedia and MakerFaire, and “Maker Culture” has been growing all over the world ever since.

Maker culture focuses on learning by doing through trial and error, exploration, problem solving, and practical application. It stems from DIY culture, though the idea is more about DIT (doing-it-together) and learning and sharing with others. Maker culture appreciates creation over consumerism and it values health, sustainable development, environmentalism, and local culture.

Why do the Greater Sudbury Public Library and Science North want to organize a Maker Festival?greenscreen

You may have already noticed Makerspaces, HackerLabs, and DIY groups popping up all over your community. Schools, libraries, colleges, and private start-ups have been setting up spaces  with equipment and tools for people to make stuff, and to teach and learn from others. You may have noticed that Greater Sudbury Public Library has a Makerspace of its own, and Science North offers a variety of interactive activities and exhibits that promote making with science and technology.

Maker culture and Makerspaces fit naturally with our organizations’ m
issions and we hope that this event will foster some of that Maker culture in our communities. Moreover, we are hopeful that the Sudbury Maker Fest will provide our community members with the opportunity to to connect with local innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Nancy Somers is a Senior Scientist at Science North. She is passionate about electronics and robotics and applies these to her work with creating fun visitor experiences at the science center.

Tyler August is a Science Communicator at Science North.

Jessica Watts is the Coordinator of Outreach, Programs, and Partnerships at the Greater Sudbury Public Library. She loves that her work at the public library involves a variety of things that one wouldn’t necessarily connect to libraries: a Makerspace, snowshoes and arts passes to name a few.

Ashley Boucher is the Emerging Technology Librarian at the Greater Sudbury Public Library. She manages the Makerspace at the Main Library where she teaches community members about 3D Printers and other neat making-and-technology-related things.